Utilities to assist with REPL-oriented development.

If you are using Stuart Sierra’s component library, you may want to also require io.aviso.component.


added in 0.1.32


Copies the current contents of the Clipboard, returning its contents as a string.

This makes use of AWT; it will throw java.awt.HeadlessException when AWT is not available, for example, when the JVM is launched with -Djava.awt.headless=true.


added in 0.1.32

(format-exception)(format-exception text)

Passed the standard exception text and formats it using parse-exception and write-exception, returning the formatted exception text.

With no arguments, parses the clipboard text and prints the formatted exception to *out* (returning nil).



Installs an override that outputs pretty exceptions when caught by the main REPL loop. Also, overrides clojure.repl/pst, clojure.stacktrace/print-stack-trace, clojure.stacktrace/print-cause-trace.

In addition, installs an uncaught-exception-handler so that uncaught exceptions in non-REPL threads will be printed reasonably. See io.aviso.logging for a better handler, used when is available.

Caught exceptions do not print the stack trace; the pst replacement does.


added in 0.1.32

(paste s)

Pastes a string in as the new content of the Clipboard.

This can be helpful when, for example, pretty printing some EDN content from a log file before pasting it into some other editor.


added in 0.1.32

(pretty-print)(pretty-print object)

Pretty-prints the supplied object to a returned string.

With no arguments, copies from the clipboard, parses as EDN, and prints the EDN data to *out*, returning nil.


(pretty-print-stack-trace tr)(pretty-print-stack-trace tr n)

Replacement for clojure.stacktrace/print-stack-trace and print-cause-trace. These functions are used by clojure.test.


(pretty-pst)(pretty-pst e-or-depth)(pretty-pst e depth)

Used as an override of clojure.repl/pst but uses pretty formatting.


(pretty-repl-caught e)

A replacement for clojure.main/repl-caught that prints the exception to *err*, without a stack trace or properties.


added in 0.1.18


Returns a reified UncaughtExceptionHandler that prints the formatted exception to *err*.